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Monday, April 25, 2011

This is Sweet

Yesterday was Easter Sunday and I'm so thankful for holidays. It wasn't hard to stick to my quote unquote crazy diet (that's what my boyfriend's grandma calls it) for the day. Since my mom is on the fit challenge also, she made our amaranth pancakes, a light fruit salad, eggs, hash browns, and an amazing ham for brunch! It was delicious and detox friendly! Then we went to my boyfriend's house and had prime rib and [more] ham, green beans, potatoes, and a beautiful green salad. The desserts...not so detox friendly...but I made them and knew that I was going into Easter unable to eat the sweets. (I was also proud of myself for not licking the beaters again!!) I semi-craved them, but I think just because it was a holiday and we've been trained to engorge ourselves with everything that's placed in front of us. I was pleased with myself. I've actually noticed a difference in my cravings. I really crave meat and vegetables. It's a nice change because if anyone knew me before, the first thing I would dive for was a sweet snack or dessert. I'm proud of myself and everyone else who's made April fit.

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter like I did. I was blessed to share it with two families I love. Even though it was rainy and gray the whole day, it was bright and cheery inside with loved ones. I found a wonderful blogger who posts a thank you note to something random for the day. They are fun and like I said, random, but it makes you aware that there is so much in each day to be truly thankful for. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do! ThxThxThx  A thank you note a day

Love you gals + Mike  =0)


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  1. I hope to keep reading encouragement on this blog, cause eating well is a way of life, not just a temp thing. I have enjoyed everything on this blog this past month and after being in "Weight Watchers" group encouragement, some kind of support system is a big help!!! karen