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Friday, April 1, 2011

No Fools Here

APRIL 1st! Finally it has arrived! I'm so freaking excited. I just woke up (at 10) after a long last day of March. I woke up ready to eat breakfast like I always have (everyone says I was born hungry) and thought, "Ah! It's time to start detox tea and a fizzy tab!" I opened up the email that I forwarded everyone, the Fresh Start Plan, and re-read through it just to make sure that I start perfectly right! So far so good. I have water on the stove and a fizzy tab dissolving in 8oz of water! Make sure you read through the emailed document because it's way more thorough than the guide that comes in the kit if you want more weight loss specific plans! I measured my body simply because I do not have a scale and because those actually mean more than a number on a scale. My cutest jeans were getting tight and I want to make sure I get to where they aren't and know and stay there. Plus, my face has been breaking out weirdly and I cannot clear it up no matter what I've previously tried! Soooooo time for change! And I love change!

No fooling around today, we're off to a healthy life-style change!



  1. April 2, and I'm feeling good, slow start yesterday, when you are butchering 70 birds I didnt have any way to blend a smoothie...ha but it was a healthy sandwich.....am on the plan totally today and doing great!!! besides the lovely weather......keep up good work everyone......... belive in yourself...karen

  2. I can purchase protein shakers with a whisk ball in them if anyone wants one! I don't know why, but only consultants can. If you want one, let me know! You can just put your protein powder in a baggie and take it both with you where ever you end up! I like it because I just take that to work and now I get a healthy meal in during the chaos! I cannot wait for visible results!