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Friday, April 8, 2011

Work It Out

One week down, three to go. It's been great. Yesterday I worked out really hard and ate my veggie pizza for breakfast, then my bean salad with my lunch shake and I had some more mixed greens for dinner. I also made protein bars. So I kind of supplemented yesterday you might say, but for some reason my body needed more AND at least it was all G, S, D-Free. I didn't add another protein shake in there even though I worked out, I counted my extra salad at lunch as that. Is anyone else realizing what their body needs at different times? I was talking to a girl at the restaurant and she knew that when she was working out, her body had to have more [red meat] protein for energy but if she wasn't working out she could totally do a vegetarian diet. Isn't it interesting how our bodies need different kinds of fuel at different times in our lives. We realize just how little we can actually survive on! It's amazing. I'm excited for the weeks to come!

My favorite things right now are the fizzy tabs! They've kept me going a few times! I love how filling they are and how much energy they give me to last through my long shift at the restaurant! Yum-O!!!


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