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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Sugar makes me sick

I'm reading the self-improvement book, Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway by Dr. Susan Jeffers (thanks Keli) and it is changing my life...just like it is suppose to! I'm loving it. It's full of educational tips and taking charge of your life advice that I have heard before in my lifetime, but with awesome exercises and activities to help you start NOW! I'm in love with Chapter 4 titled: Whether you want it or not...it's yours. It has 7 definitions of taking responsibility, I love them all, but #6 (Taking responsibility means figuring out what you want in life and acting on it) is awesome for us who are trying to change our bodies. It states, "Set your goals--then go out and work toward them. . .Check out your body. Determine what you need to do to create what looks and feels healthy . . . then make it happen." I love this advice. It's totally true. When we eat something that doesn't "fit" we can't feel guilty about our choice, that'll get us nowhere; instead, take responsibility for your decision made and next time choose one that you'll be happy with in the end.

I chose to eat a chocolate caramel pretzel pie when I was finished with my 30 day detox and it made me sick. I wasn't guilt-ridden by my choice to spoon it into my face, but after the fact I said to myself, no more. I don't want to feel sick when I was feeling so well!

Hope you all are feeling well! Love yourself!


Thursday, May 5, 2011

Pau Hana

CONGRATULATIONS to everyone who took on the 30 day feeling fit challenge in April and to those to are continuing to live that lifestyle and who are taking it on for the first time in May! It was a great change in my life and I am so proud of myself. I have always eaten tons of vegetables and lean proteins, but never have eliminated sugar, gluten and dairy from my diet. It was an awesome change. My skin was noticeably clearer and I felt amazing. No sugar or caffeine crashes, I always had a fizzy tab on hand when I needed a pick me up or started feeling hunger pangs. I loved the detox. I even managed to lose 4 pounds (definitely not trying because I'm pretty sure I ate my weight in the delicious protein bars!!) and most definitely cleaned out my insides! It was great.

I want to thank Keli for her amazing support and the camaraderie in the kitchen! We googled, and tested and baked and fell in love with the new ingredients we discovered!! It was so fun making April "fit" with you and Mike!

I will continue to post on here with healthy living tips and recipes and support for everyone! I love healthy living, blogging, and food!

Cheers to you

Monday, April 25, 2011

This is Sweet

Yesterday was Easter Sunday and I'm so thankful for holidays. It wasn't hard to stick to my quote unquote crazy diet (that's what my boyfriend's grandma calls it) for the day. Since my mom is on the fit challenge also, she made our amaranth pancakes, a light fruit salad, eggs, hash browns, and an amazing ham for brunch! It was delicious and detox friendly! Then we went to my boyfriend's house and had prime rib and [more] ham, green beans, potatoes, and a beautiful green salad. The desserts...not so detox friendly...but I made them and knew that I was going into Easter unable to eat the sweets. (I was also proud of myself for not licking the beaters again!!) I semi-craved them, but I think just because it was a holiday and we've been trained to engorge ourselves with everything that's placed in front of us. I was pleased with myself. I've actually noticed a difference in my cravings. I really crave meat and vegetables. It's a nice change because if anyone knew me before, the first thing I would dive for was a sweet snack or dessert. I'm proud of myself and everyone else who's made April fit.

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter like I did. I was blessed to share it with two families I love. Even though it was rainy and gray the whole day, it was bright and cheery inside with loved ones. I found a wonderful blogger who posts a thank you note to something random for the day. They are fun and like I said, random, but it makes you aware that there is so much in each day to be truly thankful for. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do! ThxThxThx  A thank you note a day

Love you gals + Mike  =0)


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Key-Limey Gems

The more I talk about my 30 day feeling fit detox, the more weird looks I get and questions like, "Why?" And I am realizing that I'm surrounded by idiots. Just joking, kind of. I feel like a lot of people are so closed off to change and new experiences. Maybe it comes from just picking up and moving and being excited about change every 6 months, but I love challenges and new and different, especially if it has to do with my health and wellness! If you haven't heard about Celiac disease (gluten intolerance) you've been living in a cave for the past few years...I haven't even had TV for 4 years and I know about it! The sugar debate will never end and the fact that we are the only animal on the planet who drinks another animals milk is interesting as well. It should make you question what society has us doing, buying, consuming. I've always like to go against the grain, but I don't feel like this is that BIG of a change. It's easy to eat a healthy G, D, S-free meal and one the whole entire family can enjoy too!

Keli, Tammara and I got together and made these amazing cupcakes...Key Lime Pie Cupcakes with Coconut Buttercream Frosting! They turned out super yummy too and very "key-limey" right Keli?! It was a fun afternoon with the girls! The recipe is kind of insane and you have to piece it together because she goes off on cake tangents and then returns to the recipe, but they are soooooooo worth it!! I hope you're enjoying the creative flours we get to experiment with as much as Keli and I are!! I'm just posting the link to the website for the cupcake recipe because it's just easier! Enjoy these gems!!


Saturday, April 16, 2011

Bragging Rights

I can't believe it's already April 16th! This has actually been a life saver for me because it's so easy to pack a protein shake to go to work and have my dinner in the middle of a dinner rush! I love it! I also love that everyone is doing good and seeing changes. I want to brag on my Aunt Barb in Rangely...

She's making small changes and seeing HUGE results! I just received an email with all the changes she has made in the past 16 days and even though she's not crazy about the fizzy tabs =0) she's charging her way through the 30 days with such determination for change! I love it! <3 She lost 3 pounds in the last week and has lost 4.5 pounds to date and the weight is just falling off her! Amazing job Lady! I'm loving the success stories! So keep them coming! Brag about YOU, you deserve it!

I can tell physically that my body is feeling better. My skin is clear and I just feel amazing. Everyone else?! We're only half way started and I am just loving living like this!

Blackberries are 10 for $10 at City Market! Get 'em while they're hot!


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Island Inspired

I went to the movie with Keli last night and watched Soul Surfer about the girl who lost her arm to a shark while surfing on the north shore of Kauai. It was really good and jerked a few tears but I didn't know much about the story, so I enjoyed it. Plus, it was about Hawaii, which made me miss it even more. *sigh* There was so much add placement and branding going on throughout the movie it took me back to my island! The main one being Sambazon Acai. For those who haven't discovered acai, you do not know what you're missing! It's amazingly delicious and a super fruit much like blueberries or pomegranates. Sambazon was everywhere from what the mom was blending to the drinks on the surf stands to what the announcers and judges were drinking in the tent. It made me want to run home and blend a "bowl" up myself. A bowl consists of something of the sorts including blueberries, banana, strawberries, acai blended and topped with granola, fresh fruit, and honey. Well, I just created my own for our healthy detox. There is unsweetened frozen acai available at vitamin cottage. Yummy is all I can say. Here's my detox-friendly version, I used what I had on hand, which wasn't acai, although I know I have some in my freezer somewhere, I can't wait to find it!!

Amy's Island Inspired Bowl
10-12 oz liquid (I used a mix of almond milk and water)
2 scoops vanilla protein
1 scoop fiber powder
1 heaping handful mixed frozen berries (blueberries, raspberries, blackberries)
1 heaping handful frozen strawberries
Top with gluten-free crispy brown rice cereal and a drizzle of agave nectar.

*When I find my acai, I am going to just cut back on my heaping handfuls of all four berries but still keep some because they're super yummy and nutritious!

This is what I make after I work out, I feel like I need a little more substance than just protein and water/almond milk. It's filling and so super satisfying!!


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Kale Chips, Snack On

Going with my new found love of KALE, my NVP LaGenna Betts in Tennessee posted this recipe for Kale Chips which sound super yummy and will totally nosh your craving for a salty snack! Guaranteed I'll be making these super soon!!