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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Drink Drink Drink!

Those three words I've heard upwards of a million times in my life, right mom?! =0) It wasn't until college when I realized just how important WATER, not other "drinks", is in nutrition. It's crucial in healthy living, weight loss, fighting illness, and just about everything else we do each day! Did you know that you're supposed to drink half your weight in ounces in water each day?! For a 140lb person, that's 70 ounces of pure H2O every day! Are you drinking that much? And on the 30 day fit program, that doesn't count the water we put into the tea, fizzy tabs or protein shakes! SO, drink up. Carry your water bottle everywhere you go and don't forget to fill up on water before reaching for that snack. Most of the time we're thirsty and not hungry...our stomachs don't know the difference, but our brains and will-power do!!

Chug Chug Chug!

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