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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

In a box

I just received my 30-Day Feeling Fit Kit and could not be more excited to start this program! I read the first four pages of the Feeling Fit Guide and wish I was starting tomorrow! Now, this program is not specifically strict on "dairy free, gluten free, and sugar free" but if you eliminate those three things from your diet, you're not only going to look amazing, but feel so much better as well! I cannot wait to start this with all you! It's going to rock (while we lose some rolls?!) Lol  =0) I know each of you are just as excited as me for April 1st! OH, and for the record, the fit chews are made to be eaten slowly, they taste like a tootsie roll but are very filling. Do not pop the whole thing in your mouth like salt water taffy, even though it looks like it! You'll be chewing for a while! Enjoy!

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  1. i have a packet that explains how to do this program as a "detox". it explains the gluten-dairy-sugar free diet. i will email it to you amy and you should send it to everyone. i highly recommend you all follow that packet rather than the one that comes in the box. beware, it is like 28 pages long!